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March 22 2014


March 22 2014 – I love these pics of the boys where they are so excited about their new crocs. Hugging in front of the mirror.

J2 been very crazy the last few weeks but it’s moments like this that make it all worth hit 🙂

March 5 2014

Another crazy long day in our house.

The dryer decided to go kaput today. Here I sit at 11 pm at grandmas drying the boys favorite blankets in the dryer so I can race home and bathe them and get them ready for bed.

I had no idea this morning when I put a load in the washer and then many other loads that the heating element had went bye bye. I thought I was just being high needs and complaining I was putting too big of a load to dry!

It wasn’t until my mom mentioned the dryer not even hot that I reaches inside and felt no warm air 😦

I had a early morning meeting with Mr D, J2’s new counselor.

Did I mention it started to rain while waiting to dry the stuff?

I love those little men that I brave the rain carrying these 2 heavy boxes of laundry in the rain!


March 3, 2014

Today was a crazy busy fun day from the start. Now I have time to blog because the boys are taking a late nap.

J1 was excited to be back at school but J2 was resisting. Insisting to wait for mommy to get his jacket from the car before going to class.

After both boys were settled at school, off to the nearby mall for grandma to find new pants. I had a meeting with Mr D (j2’s new therapist) at CPK.

Just finished with Mr D, met with grandma, she went to buy the boys pretzels for after school (j2 calls them donuts) and I hurried upstairs to get spring rolls for grandma and met.

Picked up the boys and j2 had a meltdown and wanted to go back to school 😦

Fortunately we were able to talk to him and he was ok to go to the jump place after that!

Friends from preschool came and it was a lot of fun!

A old friend of mines also came to chat. It was nice having a extra person to help watch the boys and play with them.

First post of 2014!

Welcome to our blog.

This is my first post for 2014.

I been procrastinating forever about the first perfect post but as you know the longer you procrastinate, it never going to happen!

Grandma and the boys are still asleep at almost 1 pm so that’s why I have time to blog!

J2 went to sleep at 3 am but J1 who took a late nap didn’t go to sleep until past 6 am! Oh man, thank goodness it not a school day. Definitely no nap for them today to get them back on schedule for school on Monday.

Monday is Dr Suess day at school. I really wanted to dress them in Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts but I ran out of mad money 😦

There always next year.